Cami-Axle Construction brings together a group of highly trained professionals to provide a variety of construction services including Pre-Construction, General Contracting and Construction Management. With the support of the latest technologies available in the construction industry, our team offers innovative, cost-saving solutions that streamline the construction process.



Pre-Construction is a critical first phase of any project. To ensure the utmost client satisfaction, Cami-Axle brings together and communicates with the owners, end users, architects and engineers to review each aspect of the project, analyzing the materials used, the equipment and the techniques implemented, the schedules as well as the overall factors which impact the project costs, quality and timing.

We review the drawings (blue prints) at each stage of development for constructability and completeness. We only utilize proven and pre-qualified trade contractors to ensure that they have the financial strength and overall ability to comply with the project schedule.

Cami-Axle’s full-integrated Pre-Construction program includes:

  • Estimating
  • Constructability reviews
  • Project scheduling


General Contracting

Cami-Axle Construction has extensive experience in the traditional General Contracting segment. Diverse expertise across the entire construction spectrum have honed Cami-Axle’s core competencies and greatly enhanced the company’s general contracting capabilities. Additionally, Cami-Axle has developed and maintained successful relationships with many subcontractors, vendors and suppliers that provide for efficiency, reliability, and delivery on both price and performance.

Cami-Axle’s General Contracting services include:

  • Clear commitment on final cost estimates
  • An outstanding record of delivery on time, on budget, every time
  • A partnering process for issue resolution
  • Efficient construction means and methods


Construction Management

Cami-Axle’s Construction Management program ensures that clients maintain control over all critical aspects of construction – scheduling, costs, performance, etc. Cami-Axle provides an effective management program that is focused on providing clients with a worry-free experience and the utmost satisfaction whether building for the first time or expanding existing facilities.

Cami-Axle’s Construction Management program includes:

  • Single-contact accountability for construction
  • An option of Guaranteed Maximum Price contract
  • Effective integration with architects and engineers
  • Complete and integrated project plans
  • Early identification/correction of potential cost overruns


40-Year Building Safety Inspection

Cami-Axle Construction provides the 40 Year Building Safety Inspection currently required by Miami-Dade and Broward counties in the State of Florida. This process can be overwhelming for a Community and the Board of Directors. We completely take over this process ensuring our client’s complete satisfaction.



All property owners can suddenly find themselves in a situation that requires them to obtain building permits for various projects. Most if not all single family homeowners have no clue as to what they need to do in this situation. The property owner can be fined or have their property liened by their local municipality for work without a permit, expired or open permits. Cami-Axle Construction can be the solution.

We resolve work without a permit, expired permits, open permits or lien issues. 

We can offer the commercial developer, Owner’s Representative and Tenant Coordination services for construction projects and tenant build-outs. We can also assist with final inspections and Certificate of Occupancy issues even in cases where the initial contractor has failed to perform.


Property Preservation

Cami-Axle Construction supplies services to Property Preservation Companies and bank owned properties. We can perform open permit research to legalizing illegal buildouts. We bring together a team of contractors, architects and engineers that work to legalize work done without a permit. This can often times be the most cost effective alternative.


Home Inspections

Home Inspector license number HI7156

Cami-Axle Construction is licensed in the State of Florida to perform home inspections. All full home inspections include wind mitigation and 4 point inspection if needed.

  • Structural Elements
  • Exterior Evaluation
  • Roof and Attic
  • Plumbing
  • Systems and Components
  • Electrical
  • Appliances
  • Garage
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  • While construction is inherently stressful for almost any developer, Cami-Axle’s services were invaluable to me. I am extremely pleased with the final result. Specifically with the quality of work performed, project management, coordination, integrity, professionalism, flexibility, effectiveness, responsiveness and value/price. -Nickel

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